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Китайский бизнес, как на ладони
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Services in China

In recent years, the number of Russian companies that would like to do business with China, is steadily growing. Despite the differences between our mentalities and different approaches to doing business, the trade turnover between China and Russia every year only increases. This is explained very simply. A joint business between China and Russia is mutually beneficial. Currently, business with China has risen to a whole new level. Trading operations are replaced by deeper cooperation between the Russian and Chinese contractors. Created joint production, new brands and so on.

Together with this grow and the volume of cargo between the two countries. Realizing the importance of the Chinese line, our company opened its own office in Shanghai to promptly respond to the needs of a growing market.

Our office in Shanghai is not simply the delivery of goods from China to Russia. The possibility of the Chinese units is much wider. Given the natural difficulties that arise for entrepreneurs starting business with China: language, geographical and mental, we have formed the most popular list of services.

Today the specialists of our office in Shanghai can arrange for you:


Cooperation with our company will allow you to contract with Chinese suppliers on the most favorable terms for you. Our experts will be able to warn you of potentially risky transactions with representatives of the Chinese business, carefully study the contracts and supervise their implementation.