Road transport by trucks

Description of service:

Road transport to Russia from any city to any city subject to the availability between the cities roads with improved surface.

Form of transport – trucks of 20 tons, volume 86-110куб.m

Body type: awning, refrigerator, isotherms, open side.

Types of loading: back, top, side.

The delivery time is calculated from the calculation of 500 km per day. In summer, perhaps up to 800 km a day, in winter, possible delays in closing roads during heavy snowfall.

It is possible deferred payment for up to 30 days, if there is constant traffic.

We offer insurance for flights, basic cost of 0.1% of the amount of the transported goods.

The cost of transportation depends on the region, from the direction of cargo movement, from body type and its volume, changes in fuel prices and this is determined individually for the customer, under its direction, under its cargo, its volume of traffic and the present time.

Possible additional services such as security, movers, loading equipment, lifting crane. The cost of additional services calculated on the basis of the average market value for these services in the region where they are applied.