Railway transportation

We offer a full package of services on transportation and forwarding of goods by rail on all territory of the Russian Federation, and additionally out of the country to China and Mongolia. As well as railway transportation from China to Russia.

Today, rail transportation remains the most reliable and safe movement of goods, regardless of their weight and type. In our country, a railway network is traditionally well developed. In comparison with road transport, this type of transport has several advantages:

  • the lack of congestion and stops;
  • a high level of security and safety of cargo;
  • regardless of the weather, seasonal road conditions and driver mood.

We offer railway transportation of goods on Russian territory in any convenient for You variant: covered wagons, open wagons, platforms, insulated cars, hoppers, tanks.

The list of provided services:

  • Rail transportation of goods in Russia;
  • Shipping by railway transport from China to Russia across the TRANS-Baikal branch, Mongolia or Kazakhstan;
  • The movement of goods to Central Asia, Mongolia, China and North Korea in covered wagons;
  • Sending oversized cargo;
  • Transportation of goods on a “door to door” and “door to destination station”;
  • The provision of mechanisms for loading and unloading;
  • Export clearance in the country of shipment;
  • Receiving, sending and forwarding of goods in different types of rolling stock;
  • Insurance of cargoes;
  • Protection of valuable cargo and maintenance.

Delivery of goods by railway transport from China through Mongolia with the possibility of export clearance at the border of Russia – Mongolia in Naskah. This type of delivery greatly reduces the time in transit, and wagon loading reduces the cost per unit of product.