Air Transportation

Air transportation is known as the fastest and neat option of cargo delivery. Its advantages are fast registration, possibility to deliver fragile and expensive goods without breaking danger. Usually this kind of cargo transportation is chosen when it is needed to minimize risks when sending valuable and perishable goods.

Our company can deliver the following types of cargo by air:

General cargo – is any piece or single item that istransported in the package or without it. By definition it does not have any special properties that require special treatment. Weight and dimensions during cargo transportation allow for freely loading, unloading, movement of goods, mounting them on board of the aircraft.

Heavy lift cargo in its weight and dimensions standard limits for an airplane per one loading place. This limit is currently set at 80 kg for air transportation by the Russian air transport.

Lightweight and voluminous according to the current regulations it is the cargo that exceeds parameters of 6 m3 per gross ton of gross weight (weight 1 m3 less than 167 kg).

Large-size cargo — refers to the packages, the sum of three dimensions of which (length, width, height) exceeds 3 meters.

Valuable cargo – refers to carriages with declared value starting at $ 1,000 per 1 kg. This category includes any products made of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, jewelry stones), foreign currency, any monetary assets, whether these are bills, stocks, bonds, coupons or postage stamps.

Dangerous cargo occupies a special place in cargo transportation sphere. Regulations are constantly expanded; therefore, it is necessary to monitor the latest changes to the legislation in this area in order to ensure competent transportation. This includes all substances, products with a potentially hazardous composition that, when transported or stored on board of the aircraft, can cause explosion, fire and property damage, or are capable of causing harm to others.

Perishable cargo – is a cargo that requires not only air transportation in a short time, but also special storage conditions during transportation. These conditions are usually understood as a special temperature regime, humidity, pressure. Animals fall under the same category, according to the Russian legislation.

Our company organizes AIR transportation of any complexity as international, and domestic. Learn more about transportation and building cost can be found by clicking the highlighted links. And our skilled professionals will provide full range of services that accompany any international shipment.