Auto transportation

Our company carries out international cargo transportation from China and to China. The cost of shipping a vehicle depends on the region, from the direction of cargo movement, from body type and its volume, changes in fuel prices and this is determined individually for the customer, under its direction, under its cargo, its volume of traffic and the present time. International cargo transportation is one of the most flexible ways of delivery of goods, regardless of its size and weight. This is obvious since the road network in any country is much more extensive than the rail network, not to mention the air and sea lines of communication. In addition, when car delivery, there is always the possibility to deliver the cargo to the customer’s door, without overload.

For the convenience of our clients we organize:

  • Transportation in Russia (body type: awning, refrigerator, isotherms, open side);
  • Transportation from China to Russia;
  • Shipping from Europe;
  • Shipping from Russia to the CIS countries;
  • Shipping from China via Urumqi;
  • Export customs clearance;
  • Transportation of cargoes under the scheme “door to door”;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Preparation of accompanying documents;
  • Additional services on request (protection, loading and unloading);
  • Transportation of oversized cargo trawls

In addition, road freight, are included in most variants of the combined delivery.

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from China, Europe – 8 (383) 269-34-55, 269-34-54

in the CIS – 8 (383) 292-15-12, 363-04-91

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