General cargo

We offer our clients the delivery of cargo from Europe at comfortable rates, fast, reliable.

The cargoes are collected in warehouses in Germany in the area of Berlin and Munich and depart weekly on routes EU – WEST – SIBERIAN Region, Central Federal district, Volga Federal district, UFO.

The fence is made at the request of the client (further call with the contact person of the sender — English, German, Polish, French, Italian languages) from any country in the EU to the warehouse in the district Berlin, PP work and the storage of goods delivered by our company in the framework of the agreement feasibility studies and applications included in the cost of transportation. Also, the price of delivery of cargoes from Europe included registration CMR, TIR KARNET opening.

Additionally, have the right to issue EX A(if necessary), the price is 150 euros.

Terms of delivery for Europe depending on the region ranges from 2 to 4 days.

Delivery of cargo from Europe warehouse (Berlin) in Western Siberia is formed in the Thursday-Friday of each week.

The delivery of cargo after customs clearance in Europe to Novosibirsk 10-12 days.

Auto warehouse Munich — in the Central , Volga, Ural Federal district is formed in the Thursday — Friday of each week.

The delivery after customs clearance in Europe, to Moscow 4 — 5 days Total regulatory the delivery time on the route EU-Novosibirsk is 11 to 14 days.

In the cargo your goods arrives on the Western customs post of Novosibirsk customs.

Additionally, the cargo may be unloaded to the customs office of any city of the West Siberian region, as directed by the client if IT is not our customs agents!

Delivery of goods from Europe with us is a clear pattern, responsibility, simplicity, quality and safety.