Support the organization of import

Many Russian companies continue to actively cooperate with foreign partners and suppliers. Despite the decline in volume of import of foreign products, domestic enterprises purchasing raw materials, equipment, parts and accessories. Organize imports – still a very popular service. Because of the effective formulation and maintenance of the entire process depends on the competitiveness and commercial success of companies.

How do we arrange the import of goods to Russia?

Our first difference is that we try to approach the problems of the client in a holistic manner. The work of many international freight forwarders is limited to the technical side of things: the definition of the HS code, preparation of certificates, organization of the transportation. We believe that in order to guarantee quality and safety this is not enough.

Step one: Checking provider

Agree that security of supply depends not just on the competent organization of import, that is, the entire process of goods delivery from abroad, but also from the reliability of your partner abroad. In this regard, we pre-check the supplier. This is particularly important for importers who purchase goods in the Chinese market. Having our own office in Shanghai and many years of experience in this market allow us to perform this work efficiently, quickly and without unnecessary costs to the client.

Step two: the Conclusion of an international agreement.

This document is mandatory for the procedure of customs clearance of goods. Experienced lawyers will carry out transactions of: help to register in the foreign trade contract for the full list of the rights and obligations of the parties. Thus, You will protect yourself from the consequences of any force majeure.

Step three: Formulation of an optimal logistic scheme of delivery.

Depending on the type of imported goods, lot size and required time of delivery, your cargo can be delivered to Russia: container, aircraft, car, railway. We will help you to determine the best transportation option, will do a logistics analysis and oversee the implementation process.

Container shipping: We will provide the container, are forwarding the port cargo or ship by the railway through the Zabaikalsk, drove to the warehouse.

Air: We deliver the goods from the supplier to the airport, arrange shipment on the next available flight, deliver the goods to the specified warehouse.

Trucking: We will promptly deliver any amount of goods through the border crossing Manchuria – Zabaikalsk, deliver to the specified warehouse.

Railway transportation: We will provide the car, supervise the loading, will track the route, will control a neat Overdrive, will deliver to the specified details.

Step four: Customs clearance

We provide service to the customs representative in most major cities of the Russian Federation. Work with all types of goods, and the accumulated experience is able to provide a minimum time of customs Declaration.

Step five: Execution of closing documents

Managers properly prepare the transaction for tax accounting. This will save you time and nerves on passing any checks at customs or in the tax.

As additional option we offer the service of financial audit of the transaction. Describe how to use available financial resources and banking facilities as efficiently as possible.

We are ready to become your permanent partners in the organization of imports. Join one of our clients.