Organization and Support of Exports

GlobexTransline – is the leading foreign trade agent on the Siberian market. We are engaged in accompanying export-import operations to any country in the world. However, due to our offices’ geographical location, our business is mostly dominated by export of goods to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Until 2015 most of the transactions were with China as this is the largest consumer market in the region. In 2015 an agreement on free trade between the EAEU and Vietnam was signed, which led to a significant increase of contracts for the supply of goods to this country.

What does the integrated export support service include?

Acting as a foreign trade agent, our company takes over the whole process of selling, customs clearance and delivery of your goods to the country of the expected export. You do not need to independently study the rules of export and import of goods, calculate the cost of customs clearance and delivery. All our work will be done quickly and efficiently by our managers, forwarders and customs specialists.

The whole process of organizing exports in the Globex Transline consists of the following stages:

– Initial consultation of clients on the organization of exporting goods;

– Definition of the HS code for exporting goods – preparation and / or conclusion of a contract for the shipment of goods for export;

– preparation of permits for the shipment of goods for export;

– organization of cargo transportation of goods to the recipient;

– documents’ preparation for the completion of export transaction and the return of VAT.

Why is it more profitable to export goods with a professional agent?

In order to send goods for export, it is necessary first to understand under what category the goods fall in and in what country it is planned to export them. Different countries have different import rules. In importing countries there are excises, protective duties on certain categories of goods, various measures of veterinary and sanitary control . In addition, producers and exporters of products may become a subject to specific requirements. A number of goods are subject to quotas. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the requirements of the importing country and the terms of export from the Russian Federation before entering into a contract for the export of goods. Our specialists will advise you on where to find such information and how to work with it. In case of difficulties in the negotiation process with a foreign party, we will provide our services of interpreters who understand the subject of negotiations. Having understood the principles and possibilities of exporting goods to the desired country, we provide options for the calculation of delivery which depend on the category of goods, volume of goods, weight of goods, requirements for the speed of delivery, temperature mode of delivery and payment conditions. We conclude a contract only if the client is satisfied with all the conditions.

Normally this would be a Project Feasibility Study agreement according to which we carry out export customs clearance, delivery and advising on the preparation of transport and permission documents, and the client himself is a participant in foreign trade activities independently conducting currency transactions and preparing documents for reimbursement of export VAT.
In some cases Agency Agreement is used under which we act as contract holders and in our own name but on the client’s behalf conducting all activities related to the export of the goods.
Then we conclude a contract, accept currency, prepare permission documentation, issue export customs declaration, export goods and , return export VAT if necessary.