Moved tons of cargo per year

Globex TRANS Line is

One of the leading transport companies in Novosibirsk, providing a set of services for the organization of international and domestic cargo transportations. We work on the principle of “A satisfied customer today provides us with a long-term cooperation in the future”. Our experience and professionalism helps us finding new opportunities, new routes and take non-standard solutions to ensure optimal transportation.

Mission of GlobexTransLine

The mission of the company is to develop business of our clients. We realize that we are one of the most important parts in the success of our clients’ business, in their desire to grow and develop. We help them by optimizing costs, timing and risks. We know the individual goal of each of our clients and comply our actions in accordance with it thus enhancing its achievement. We are proud when the client informs us about the growth of his/her business because our transport company took part in this directly.

Values of the Company

We recognize the value of human resources as a core business. Important for us is the professionalism of our staff that provides quality service to our clients and creates the image of the company.

We value sincerity in relations in the team and in partnerships. We maintain maximum transparency in providing information about the company.

Одной из ключевых ценностей для нас является доверие клиентов. Мы ответственно относимся к выполнению своих обязательств перед партнерами и клиентами, и нацелены на долгосрочную перспективу.

Прежде чем действовать, четко определяем цель и работаем на результат, направленный на развитие нашей компании и бизнеса наших партнеров.

The Central office of the transport company GlobexTransline is located in Novosibirsk, however, we have an extensive branch network in Russia, which allows us to provide transport services of high quality in any region of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. We occupy a prominent place among transport companies of Novosibirsk, as put in the forefront the complex organization of delivery of cargoes of our clients, optimizing transport costs on each stage. This is achieved due to high professionalism of our employees who daily ensure smooth movement and safety of cargo of our clients all the way.