Testimonials from our clients
Customer feedback

Pavel Ignatenko, Director of OOO “EKO Grupp”

Our company is engaged in import of goods from China. With “Globex Transline” cooperate with November 2015. The choice was made, based on the optimal price offer and location of the company. Ideally, when partners are located in the same city.

I would like to note adequate services, competence of employees of Globex, flexibility of pricing policy. In General, everything is organized at a high enough level. Today we are all happy and competitors ‘ offers we are not even considering.

Waiting for the opening of representative offices of Globex in Zabaykalsky Krai. It will simplify and will accelerate procedure of delivery of goods, to cooperate with China, probably, will be faster and easier.

Nikolay Kazakov, transport engineer “Altai Krupa”

A year ago we faced the problem of sending our company’s products in Israel and in Vietnam. We were looking for a partner for traffic. Some companies just were not willing to work in these areas, in others we did not like the price. Went to “Globex Transline” and quite satisfied with our cooperation.

Today the supply chain has already been established. The first shipments had questions that were promptly resolved in working order. Today we are all happy. The company has experience in organization of such transportations, qualified professionals.

Andrei Zhilin, Deputy Director of the company “Sibsayt”

We work in the international market for over 10 years. Engaged in the supply and sale of electrical equipment, antenna equipment, audio and video equipment. In the direction of import is basically importing products from well known Chinese manufacturers. With “Globex Transline” began to operate in 2009. To date the company remains our partner in terms of forwarding. The quality of the services we are completely satisfied. For all the time we have not had any negative emotions. All issues are resolved quickly and in a timely manner.