Customs clearance (customs brokerage services, Novosibirsk)

Sometimes even a small shipping delay at customs may cause breaks million deal and crumbling reputation. How to protect yourself and your business from such risks? With our help your cargo will undergo customs procedures as quickly as possible. Our company provides the option customs broker in Novosibirsk in most large cities of Russia. We are official Registrar of companies, licensed to provide services for customs clearance of goods. Our professionals have the right to provide customs services including, customs clearance of goods from China and represent clients throughout Russia. We take full responsibility for the payment of duties and their correctness. Trust our experienced representatives, customs clearing your goods, you can safely engage in business development.

Our key benefits:

The presence of the certificate on inclusion in the register of customs representatives

Customs clearance is done via the Internet and our electronic signature of the customs representative

Minimal cost of services

Thanks to extensive professional experience of our company in the field of foreign trade, we are ready to make customs clearance of goods at the most competitive rates

Work with all kinds of goods, doing customs clearance of goods from China

Including goods subject to phytosanitary and veterinary control, licensing and quotas

Minimum requirements for availability of documents

We are aware that you have a lot of other things and little time on the view, we extra documents and unnecessary information. Therefore, we do our best to to protect you from excessive bureaucracy

The minimum time for declaring the shipment

Due to the fact that the turnover of goods is one of the main indicators of business success, we aim to reduce the time required for customs clearance to a minimum

Experience in the customs clearance of goods

We, as a customs representative to produce the customs clearance of goods in 2006. We carry out all types of customs operations and place goods under any customs procedure (including temporary import/export, re-export, re-import, processing outside the customs territory, etc.

Work with all available schemes of customs clearance

Our contract, client contract and so on

Provide a full range of services

At the request of the client, collect your cargo from any foreign Supplier, we will deliver (by air, rail or road transport) of goods to Russia, will make the certification complete and deliver the shipment to You

Our customs clearance services mean:

  • legal assistance in all matters concerning customs legislation and procedures of foreign trade transactions, customs clearance of cargoes;
  • the primary analysis of the documents prepared by the customer for customs Declaration, if the customs clearance of goods from China;
  • check the full package of securities: bills of lading, documents on production and other commercial papers;
  • the classification of goods, based on the nomenclature of the customs Union;
  • figuring out which goods and services are subject to tariff regulation, which are not given rules and regulations in force in the Russian Federation and the Customs Union (EAEU);
  • the calculation of the amounts payable;
  • the calculation of utilization fee for wheeled transport vehicles;
  • carrying out of customs operations including declarations, placing them under a customs procedure and production based on specific procedures;
  • adjustments, if necessary, of the goods Declaration;
  • presentation of declared goods to the Supervisory authority;
  • participation in the customs inspection/survey.

In addition, each stage is a complete information and report on the progress of operations on customs clearance. After the release of goods, we are ready to put together the necessary package of documents, based on customer requirements.

Our customs service may additionally include processing:

  • certificates of conformity and declarations of conformity;
  • (GOST P, TP TC);
  • the certificate of state registration;
  • other documents confirming the conformity of products, explanatory letters.


Geography of customs clearance:

  • Central region

Moscow, Sheremetyevo international airport, Sheremetyevo customs;
Moscow, Domodedovo airport, Domodedovsky customs;
Moscow, Vnukovo airport, Vnukovo customs;
Moscow oblast, Central excise customs.

  • North-West region

The big port of St. Petersburg, t/p Gavan, t/p Turukhtanny Baltic customs;
The port of Ust-Luga, t/p Ust-Luga, Kingisepp customs.

  • Southern region

Novorossiysk, the t/p Central Novorossiysk, the Novorossiysk customs.

  • Zabaykalsky Krai

T/p Zabaykalsky, Chita customs.

  • Far East

The port of Vladivostok, t/p Sea port of Vladivostok Vladivostok customs;
Vostochny port, the t/p Sea port of Vostochny, Nakhodka customs.

  • Siberian region

Novosibirsk, Tolmachevo airport, the Novosibirsk customs;
Novosibirsk, the t/p Novosibirsk (the electronic Declaration center), t/p Western Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk customs.